supplies list

 1. a radio

2. two or one crate of food

3.water bottles

4. gasoline

5. weapons

6. sleeping bags

7. lanterns

8. battery's


10.frist aid kit

11.walkey talkies

   the radio would be for listening to the news, the crate(s) of food would be for eating and so you didn't have to go out to find food, the water bottles would be for drinking and if you run out you you can use the rain to refill the water bottles, the gasoline could e use for making a huge fire or to use for you car or truck, the weapons are for killing any thing like deer's, bears, boars, etc., the sleeping bags are for sleeping at night, the lanterns are for seeing in the dark, the battery's are for the lanterns and walkie talkies, the matches are for starting a fire or a light source, the first aid kit is for holding bandages and other fist aid stuff, the walkie talkies are for talking to each other from a far distant.


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